H2SO4 – The Bengal Holocaust
de on outubro 22, 2017 dentro
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Música do EP BRITISH BANGLA TESTAMENT . Com base no holocausto bengalês de 1940.




churchill an idol of murder

incarnate to amontize the east

remember famine or no famine

indian will breed like rabbits

a facist prophecy from the same dynasty

fullfilled for your forever puragatory


a cyclone strikes this region

raze all the dreams from the land

outbreak of the germs they spead

await to waste more

yearback the incident arrived

lowest foodstock in reserve

need help no there’s none

spare them a fasting death


skin and bones the rest remained

throbbing hearts visible to the eyes

all that history i’ve forgotten

a sanctioned bengal holocust

neonate come & died unfed

parents throw living child in death pile

west builded on the grave of the east

intended bengal holocust


counteract the treat of  japanese invation

troops pull wines for governing british regim

two hundred thousand rustics they penished & seized

feed them sate leaders deprived dying impragnates meal




schorched eath policy he played during the crisis

banned all the shipping to confirm more security

for contuning war essay india exported their grains

increasing their foodstock while death intects the east


starvation acdosis attacked he request to help but reject

relif ships from aussies he denied to let them provide aid

provincial policies cast down each to send food in bengal

an obvious event staged by churchill & secretly took countless life

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