Downswing – Enough
de on novembro 4, 2017 dentro
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“Iʼve had enough Made a list of the things I hate Includes fate and the way I canʼt relate To your faith, or your crutch Will you ever learn that Iʼve had enough? Of all that contradicting speech, You cross lines with every word you speak. With no credit to your claims, Will you ever learn that I’ve had enough Of the pressure I canʼt measure Intent With a thought to resent Give it up Iʼm seeing red Stuck in hindsight wishing you were dead The silence of tyrants About time I stopped trying to hide it from you And your false sense of rule Your rules, your faith, your crutch Iʼve had enough No value in spit that comes through those teeth So stop wasting breath while youʼre pressing on me To force lies, where they just donʼt fit Donʼt want to hear it, no You think Iʼll let your fate decide What I do with my life Well hereʼs some news Iʼd rather pick the noose Than follow you to your demise Iʼve had enough”.

Directed by Trevor Novatin


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